What is SMTU ?

Shopify Merchant Transport Utility (SMTU) is a Desktop Tool developed by V Group for Shopify merchants which automates syncing of Orders and Products in your Shopify store with the application folders of the desktop tool. It enables sellers to automate partial and full upload of products to their Shopify store, download Orders to the desktop, and confirm shipments of orders placed on their Shopify store.


Sync Products

Sync Orders

Confirm Shipments

Schedule Operations

Why SMTU ?

A Shopify Merchant understands the necessity of frequently updating product information and confirming shipments. Through automated partial and complete shipment confirmation, SMTU reduces the pain of confirming shipments manually so merchants have more time to focus on strategizing increase in sales. SMTU also assists to partially update listings on Shopify.

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About Us

V Group is a Shopify Expert company. It has a rich experience in design and development of mobile optimized e-commerce websites on various e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Amazon Webstore etc. We expertise in development of high end custom applications that integrate with various platforms.